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Recruitment of cooks in Better Life Hospital Ltd


Better Life Hospital Ltd

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Job Responsibilities

Look through each patients’ diet plan, and determine what ingredients will be required.
Prepare food items by cutting, chopping, marinating, and cubing meats, vegetables, and fruits.
Make soups and stocks, according to specified recipes, making sure that the right amount of seasoning is used.
Assist the hospital management in creating recipes, along with help from doctors and other healthcare professionals.
Cook nutritious meals, according to standardized protocols, ensuring that cleanliness is given the highest priority.
Perform portioning activities on trays or platters, by following set instructions, on a per-patient basis.
Ensure that patients’ meals are delivered to them promptly so that they can take their medicines on time.
Oversee the cleanliness and sanitization of kitchen areas, such as counters, floors, and walls.
Perform predictive, preventative, and regular maintenance on kitchen appliances such as stoves, ovens, grills, fridges, and freezers.
Timely perform food rotation activities so that food spoilage is kept in check.

Employment Status

Work at office

Educational Requirements


Additional Requirements

Age 22 to 32 years
Job Location
Compensation & Other Benefits
Salary Review: Yearly

Apply Procedure

Apply Online

Application Deadline: 29 Jul 2021

source: bdjobs

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